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I Have a Wife

Give me what I need, and I’ll give you what you need. Charles hasn’t heard that in a long time, especially from a horny, busty chick like Cassidy Banks! He stops by her house asking her to sign a petition to keep the city from replacing a local park with a strip mall. But the thing is, Cassidy likes strip malls, but she also likes dick! Charles has the cock that she wants, and she has the signature that he wants, so… boom! Cassidy accidentally spills water on her top, so out burst her big natural tits right in front of Charles! He may be a married man, but she’s a horny, cock-hungry registered voter!

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Ohh Cassidy

Cassidy Banks was getting ready for work and wanted something to eat before heading out. As she was looking in the refrigerator, Brad came in checking out her sweet ass. Unfortunately, her boyfriend’s pain in the ass buddy Brad was staying over and ate everything. She was instantly annoyed as she was surprised by him. He informed her was gonna stay longer which further aggravated her. He then wanted to use the bathroom before her when she had to get ready. When he went in the bathroom, he spotted some of Cassidy’s panties, grabbed them, and started beating his meat like a creep. Cassidy walked in on him and was surprised to see he had such a big cock. She was feeling freaky so she went right up to him and started having her way with him. You have to see her amazing cocksucking skills, then how she fucks like a champ! Do not miss this beauty with her amazing tits bouncing all over the place, so hot!

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Fucking my Best Friend's Hot Sister

Our boy is coming over to see his best friend. He knocks on the door and is surprised that his best friend’s hot sister Cassidy Banks opens it wearing a little robe. This is girl is drop dead gorgeous. She has beautiful golden skin and mesmerizing light eyes. To top it all off, she has an amazing body with big natural tits. Cassidy tells him he can sit and wait while she goes take a shower. The poor guy really needs to take a piss and accidentally walks in on her in all her glory. At first, she’s surprised, but then welcomes him in. Of course in his head he is thinking wait, this is my best friend’s sister, but no way can you turn down a girl like this, and you can always find another best friend!

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My Ex-Girlfriends Daughter

Cassidy Banks has gone over to her mom’s ex-boyfriend’s house to pick up her mom’s stuff. Cassidy has always found Preston attractive, and can’t help but feel like she can now tease him with her big natural boobs. With Preston feeling pretty low about breaking up with his girlfriend, Cassidy mocks him about why the relationship might have gone south, and all this is because Cassidy really wants Preston to have his way with her! Will Preston succumb to fucking the horny and tempting busty Cassidy?


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Snooze You Lose

Cassidy Banks, Daya, and Jessy were all hanging while watching the tube. Cassidy got stood up from her man and was left as the third wheel. She was disappointed, but noticed she was getting some extra looks from her sister’s man, Jessy. Cassidy decided she was going to try something risky and very bad. She got up to get something from the kitchen. She pulled out her tits, and called Jessy over to help reach something in the cupboard. Once he got over, there she turned and show off her amazing big naturals. Jessy fell into a trance and went for the win even though his girl was a few steps away. They continued fucking around in the kitchen before they decided they were to loud and close to getting caught, so they went to the nearest room. After a bit, Daya noticed they were gone and heard some noises. Jessy got busted fucking his girl’s sister, but figured why quit now. After Daya left completely upset, the two continued sucking and fucking. Cassidy and her banging body was impossible to pass up and was most likely worth it.

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Like A Mother: Part 1

Bailey Brooke‘s mom Jelena thinks she’s dropping off her daughter at her best friend Cassidy Banks‘ house for a totally innocent slumber party. Little does she realize that her daughter plans to lick Cassidy’s pussy all night long. That’s because Bailey and Cassidy’s friendship has evolved into something new and taboo, a secret lesbian relationship. Bailey wastes no time burying her pretty face into Cassidy’s wet pussy. Meanwhile Jelena and Misty chat downstairs about their seemingly straight teenage daughters. How will they react when they walk in on these two fucking each other’s brains out?


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Home Is Where The Whore Is

Richelle Ryan is having herself a relaxing Saturday, masturbating in the bath like the devilish MILF she is. Her stepson Jake and his girlfriend Cassidy Banks are trying to quietly fuck in the next room, but he’s too turned-on to keep it down. Richelle soon realizes she can turn this situation around to her horny advantage. She teaches them some stepmom-approved moves to turn their sex from standard twosome to cum-soaked threesome!


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My Wife's Hot Friend

When a friend of your late-working wife invites you over for your opinion of what she should wear on her first date, just think about it for a minute. That’s exactly what Tyler isn’t doing as Cassidy Banks is stripping and dressing in front of him for the so-called date she tells her friend’s husband she has planned for the night. But in this case, Tyler’s innocence works in his favor, because it just make his wife’s busty friend that much hornier for him! Soon enough her big natural tits are out of her dress and in Tyler’s face! That could be considered a date, right?

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